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  A large amount of geographical information which is closely related to human activities exists in the brilliant human civilization, numerous documents since ancient times, as well as the vast land and ocean. For example, the geographical distribution of individuals, the traces and the social relations for a single person, the migration of a group, as well as the existence, distribution and change of a region and trajectory for non-living things; as for a place, it also contains the people, events, things and other geographical information in previous time.

  The Academic Map Publishing Platform, established by the Academy of Social Sciences of Zhejiang University (executed by the big data and Academic map innovation team of Zhejiang University) and the Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University together, is not only an integrated database providing multi-functional query services, but also a display platform ready for users to present their research productions about geographic information and visualize analysis and select. The big data formed by the platform, will greatly contribute to future scientific research, government decision-making and social services.

The big data and Academic map innovation team of Zhejiang University

The Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University

Mar 13, 2018

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  The copyright of the Academic Map Publishing Platform belongs to both the big data and Academic map innovation team of Zhejiang University and the Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University. To download or print a map made with "Tianditu" as the basemap, it must be marked as "Transferred from the Academic Map Publishing Platform (amap.zju.edu.cn), and the basemap is Tianditu (www.tianditu.com)".

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